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Tender & Estimation Process
Estimation Dept. to source New Tenders through Newspapers, Business
Contacts, and various Tender Websites OR Receiving of Tender Invitation from
Clients / Companies Directly and forward it for approval of Managing Partner.
With the consent/approval of Managing Partner arranging with Finance Manager
to pay Tender Fees for procuring Prequalification Documents.
Public Relation Officer to pay the required fees and collect the tender documents
from the Client’s office and handover it to Estimation Dept.
If there is any Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed, informing and forwarding
it to the Managing Partner.
Estimation Dept. to receive Tender Documents and hold a Pre-Tender Meeting
with the Managing Partner & Finance Manager and discussing all Commercial &
Technical Aspects.
After the pre-tender meeting, Estimation Dept. should prepare Commercial &
Technical documents as per Tender requirements.
Finance Dept. to check breakdown of preliminaries from Commercial Aspects
and make arrangement for Bank Guarantees to be submitted with the tender
documents. And Procurement Dept. to review cost of materials are in
compliance with vendors list quotations.
When the tender documents are ready the Estimation Dept. should forward it to
the Managing Partner for review and approval and submit the approved tender
documents before due date to the Client.
When a Contract is Awarded by the Client, Estimation Dept. will check all
contract drawings and BOQ and Finance Dept. will check breakdown of
preliminaries as per the submitted tender documents, not only but also
assessment of quotation from cost & profit margin aspects.
Contract Agreement will be signed by the Managing Partner & Client and copies
of the same will be distributed to the Estimation & Finance Department.
Estimation Manager & Finance Manager to hold meeting with Managing Partner
for discussing and finalizing the Subcontractors, Manpower Requirements,
Plant & Machinery, etc……. for the new project.
All documents, contract drawings, letters, reports, etc. to be filed & stored at a
central place in the office as per the instructions of the Managing Partner.