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The Procurement Department makes use of established procedures that govern:
Approval order and contract processing
Expediting & Transportation
Legalized documents and custom clearance
Inspection & testing
Quality Control & Coordination
Safety & Security
Procurement Procedures:
All Material Request must be submitted through email to our Admin Asst.
After submitting to our Admin Asst. through email, the admin asst. will do the necessary
recording of the material on the log form and write in the material request form.
The Material Request will be forwarded to Procurement Department to prepare the
Budget Compliance Report.
After preparing the form and attaching the Budget Compliance Report it will be submitted
to the authorized signatories for approval.
If the material request is already signed and approved, a copy of it will be kept by the
admin asst. and the original will be sent to the warehouse.
After receiving by the warehouse personnel, the copy of the received request, either
issued/accepted or rejected will be forwarded back to admin asst.
If materials are not in stock the request will be forwarded again to Admin Assist with
rejection, & will be forwarded to procurement department.
Procurement department will arrange the following:
* Send Enquiries to Vendors.
* Receive Quotations.
* Make Bid Comparison and arrange for meeting with Vendors.
* Raise Purchase Order.
Supplier will deliver the material at the store.
After receiving materials at the store, Goods Receiving form & delivery note sent by the
supplier will be forwarded to administrative assistant. Note: If there are any defective
materials found during inspection, the Warehouse should send segregated goods
receiving report reflecting the DMR (Defective Materials Received). This means the 2
goods receiving should be sent, one for Accepted + DMR. Warehouse should also give a
copy of DMR to Supplier if materials found defective during inspection.
Warehouse will arrange delivery of materials to project’s site.
Site in charge should prove his receipt of materials by signing on Goods issue report &
delivery notes.
Warehouse should forward copy of goods issue report & delivery notes to Finance
department through Admin Assist.