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Technical Tour
Additional Framing Systems
Mezzanine is an internal elevated area within the steel building, which can be used as an office or
storage area.
The Components of Mezzanine are:
The mezzanine framing can be connected to the main rigid frame columns for lateral stability or can
be with separate framing system inside the building.
Mezzanine columns are designed as hinged base spaced from 5m to 9m.
Mezzanine main beams are arranged in the direction of the main frame rafter and connected to the
main frame columns or the mezzanine columns.
Mezzanine joists are spaced 1,4m to 2,0m for average loads and connected to the main beams.
Mezzanine decks are normally corrugated 0.7mm galvanized steel sheets (0.5mm to 1.0mm) acting
as a temporary shuttering, which carries the load of concrete (normally 10cm concrete).
Mezzanine Main Data:
• Dead load (depends on concrete thickness, type of floor finish and
above walls).
• Live Load depends on the use of mezzanine.
• Clear height below mezzanine beams/joists or top of concrete level.