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Technical Tour
Crane Systems
Crane supporting system can be designed
for Pre-Engineered buildings for ideal use of
area after providing the accurate crane data
in order to provide the most economical and
safe design for the building.
The following data should be well defined:
• Type of crane ( top running single or double girder, under hung, monorail and jib crane).
• Number of cranes.
• Lifting capacity.
• Location of crane inside the building.
• Travel length of each crane.
• Distance between crane rails.
• Hook height or crane beam height.
• Static maximum wheel load (+impact %).
• Minimum distance between consecutive cranes.
• Wheel base and bumper to bumper distance of end carriages.
• Vertical and horizontal clearance.
The crane technical data can be provided by the crane supplier
or manufacturer.
The standard supplies for top running,
overhung and rail cranes includes crane
runway beams (no rails), brackets, kickers
and bracing system.
For JIB cranes a cap channel is welded to
the column flange with a lateral wall bracing.
When the loads of crane are extremely
high (more than 20 ton) the bracket is
substituted with stepped column or even
separate columns.