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Technical Tour
Roof Extensions
Roof extension is an extension of the roof of the main building beyond the steel line of endwall or
sidewall and its main functions are:
• Provides additional shaded area around the building.
• Provides extra protection to the main buildings walls.
• Carry rain away from the building.
• At both walls An optional liner panel (soffit) panel can be supplied to cover the bottom of the
steel system and gives a more luxurious appearance to the building.
Endwall Roof Extension
Can be achieved by extending the endwall roof purlin
up to 1500mm beyond the steel line from one side or
both sides of the building.
Sidewall Roof Extension
Can be achieved by extending the main frame rafter
by built up section extending up to 1500mm (more
economic) beyond the steel line with additional flush
purlins between these sections.
Fascia is used all around the building or at one side of the building to add an attractive look by
covering the slope together with the gable and to form a rectangular building shape, and can take
one of the following shapes:
• Vertical fascia (most popular)
• Parapet fascia
• Bottom - Curved fascia