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Technical Tour
Canopy is a cantilever beyond the steel line of endwall or sidewall at a height less than the eave
height of the building and their main function is to provides shaded protected area from rain for:
• Gates and entrances
• Windows
• Loading docks
• Car park adjacent to the building
The canopy consists of a cantilever of built up or
hot rolled section with secondary purlins covered
by steel corrugated sheets and optional liner (soffit)
Roof Monitor
Roof monitor is an elevated roof above the building ridge with open or closed sides used for ventilation
and or lighting purposes or for both.
It consists of posts with rafter than can
be made of cold formed; built up or rolled
sections according to the required opening
width and covered like roof of the main
The main parameters required are:
• Through opening or overall width.
• Eave or clear height.
• Wall condition (opened, bird screen or
Jack Beams
Jack beam is used when it is required to remove
an internal or external main frame column from
specific location where unobstructed space is
Jack beam is a horizontal built-up beamconnecting
two alternate spans and supporting the middle
frame rafter.