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Technical Tour
Steel partition is an interior separating wall that can be placed anywhere inside the building and
consists of steel columns with flushed girts sheeted from one side or both sides, partitions sheeting
may start from the FFL or can start from a higher level.
Partition is connected to the main frame rafter or purlins when it is required with full height.
Partition is called longitudinal partition when it is parallel to the frame length and called transversal
partition when it is parallel to the building width.
Secondary Framing Systems
Cold Formed Section
Secondary framing members join the primary framing members together to form building bays and
provide the means of supporting and attaching the walls and roof. Secondary framing members
consist of eave struts, purlins, girts and bracing.
Purlins, girts and eave struts are the secondary structural members. They are roll formed from steel
coils, Z-shape for purlins and girts, and C-shape for eave struts with thicknesses ranging from 1.5,
to 3.0mm.
support roof panels and transfer the roof loads to the rafters. Z-shaped purlins are adopted
for Pre-Engineered buildings that provide the great advantage of being lapped at support points and
nested together to increase the stiffness if required.
are horizontal structural members attached to sidewall and endwall columns that support
paneling. They run horizontally, between main frame columns and between endwall columns.
Generally, girts are a bypass to columns and in some cases they are placed flush to the columns.
Eave Struts
are simply supporting members.
Located at the eave of the building provides attachment and bearing points for the end of the roof
sheets and wall sheets.