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Technical Tour
Bracings Systems
Bracing in Steel buildings has one or more forms of bracing to control the forces like torsion, shear,
compression and lift results from wind, earthquakes or cranes.
Flange bracing is standard on all steel buildings, consisting of structural angles connected between
rafters and purlins to prevent the rafters form rolling side-to-side under a load.
Cross-bracing (X-bracing), is used to provide lateral stability to the structure against wind, seismic
force, cranes or other forces by transferring their loads from their point of application on the structure
to the column, ‘X’ bracing uses steel angles or cables to tightly connect various parts of the frame
When the sidewall has to be open for access etc., portal bracing is provided, when access is required
in the braced bay which is a longitudinal frame between columns of main frame.