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Technical Tour
Wall and Roof Cladding (sheeting)
Panels and Insulation
Single skin profile steel sheets are used as roof and wall sheeting, roof and wall liners, partition
and offit sheeting. The steel sheets
are cold rolled from steel coils of
thicknesses 0.50mm and 0.70mm.
The profile used is M34250/ S profile
with 5 ribs to give more strength to
the sheet to withstand the governing
loads (dead/live/wind) etc.
The steel sheets are normally galvanized or zincalume profiled sheets coated with 25micron polyester
paint These sheets can be properly insulated by providing fiberglass insulation rolls or Rockwool
rolls placed below the sheet and above the purlins, in similar pattern a double skin insulated roofing
system can also be erected by adding another steel sheet layer below the purlin.
Trims and Flashings
Flashings and trims are steel metal closures press broken from 0.50mm or 0.70mm steel sheets.
They are designed to provide weather tightness and good appearance at all the junctions and
corners of the building.
They are supplied with all accessories of the building as roof monitors, roof extensions, partitions,
canopies, fascias, doors and windows framed openings.