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was established in 1995 in Al Abour City
as an Egyptian Sharing Company in accordance with the investment law no. 230/1989 with more
than 20 years of Egyptian engineering experience.
EMCON uses the most efficient processes in the field of metallic manufacturing. It also uses the
most state-of-the-art machinery in this field.
EMCON has constructed several successful projects in different industrial fields with top quality and
fastest delivery time inside and outside Egypt. Since 1995, EMCON has supplied more than 40
buildings to allover Egypt.
Their customers list includes companies such as, Gillette Egypt, Trane Air-condition, CelioPack,
Nono Brothers, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sinai Stone, Toshiba Al Araby, Noratex, Nestle to mention but
a few.
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