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Key Benefits of selecting Creative Line GRG Tile
Designed in accordance with latest market trends by using high grade raw materials and sophisticated technology.
Manufactured from Lightweight Gypsum, tile weight approximately 6lbs each (1.5 pounds per sq.ft.)
Exceptional humidity and moisture resistance qualities.
Environmentally safe, recycleable and non-toxic.
Fire proof and has excellent durability.
High light reflectance (LR-1).
Easy to install, remove and 100% accessible for full plenum accessibility.
Drills & cuts easily for installation of downlights, spot lights, sprinklers & vents.
Easy to clean and zero maintenance
Non-Combustible & Non-Carcinogenic
Provides an asthetical view for Interior Decoration
Special Features:
Creative Line GRG Tiles are light weight on structure.
Fast & Easty Installation
Gives more space and area
Easy maintenance and repairs
Fast & easy installation of concealed water & electrical pipes and cables
The ideal way to cover Air-conditioning pipes and ducts in ceilings and walls.
Environmentally friendly


  Fire Resistance
Our GRG Tiles provided highest degree of resistance against fire and are Class A Rated.
  Aseptic Product
Idealfor use in Hospital, Schools, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Cafeteria, etc…
  Sound Proofing
Our GRG Tiles offer enhanced sound control to help improve privacy and comfort, and productivity in residential & commercial environments.
  Thermal Resistance
This is one of the main attributes of Gypsum. Its degree of thermal penetration (which is dependent on the density of the components), is very low similar to materials considered warm.
  Green Product
The gypsum (SO4Ca1/2H2O) is a natural product with a purity 95% as main raw material thereby being an ecological and healthy in any phase until their placement and use.
  Moisture & Humidity Resistance
Up to 95% relative moisture and humidity resistance.
  Luminous Reflection
Prevent eyestrain and conserve energy by reducing the number of lighting fixtures needed to properly illuminate a space.